Pronunciation: 'fre-sh&t
Function: noun

1. A sudden overflow of a stream resulting from a heavy rain or a thaw.

2. An advanced web interface to the [Fluid 2] MP3 streaming engine.

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Freshet employs the Fluid2 Streaming Engine to stream MP3s HSQLDB/Hypersonic on-disk database to store song data, JSP with Struts for the front and and Spring to bring it all together. Spring is actually the centerpiece of the has made Freshet2 so much better (from a developers perspective). It has enabled me to discard the in-memory database (a.k.a. a rediculous hash map) and also to give the Freshet engine (database building, randomizer, song queing and browsing system) a clean and elegant glue.

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Sat Sep 22 09:32:23 PDT 2007
I put up a quick fix, in 2.0a02 for the IE problems, if you've seen them.
Fri Sep 21 22:17:46 PDT 2007
Well, v2.0 is finally read for some public testing. Though this is 2.0a01 (meaning its alpha), its only not beta because its missing some feature. But functionally, it should be doing well. Please report bugs on the project discussion forums.